Restaurant Photos


Bar Photos

Marvlvs Library Jazz Bar (Split, Croatia)

Photographer: Olga Kysliuk

Fig Restaurant in Split & Hvar, Croatia

Photographer: Olga Kysliuk

Food / Drinks creative photos

with models or hands (arranged by the client)

Food and Beverage in a Lightbox

(white or black backgrounds)

A quality food photograph requires diffuse daylight, where knowing how to make a lightbox comes in.

A light box is an accessory, in the world of photography, and just as the name tells, it is a box is used in order to have a the right light. 

Food and Beverage Light Box Photography Split Croatia


Photographer : Rafael Barria Trujillo

Flyer Food and Beverage, Split Photo Agency

Picnic Setup Photography

Gelateria Emiliana

Photographer: Olga Kysliuk


Photographer : Olga Kysliuk

Chefs, Team, Staff Photos

Food photography on a luxury Serenity Lagoon 52 Catamaran

Photographer: Olga Kysliuk


Rafael Barria Trujillo

Fig Restaurant in Hvar

FIG Restaurant in SPLIT

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